I know how it feels to be overwhelmed running a photography business. When I had started photography, believe me, this was me! And I used to hear it from all other photographer that they do not have the time to edit, given they are out shooting 10-12 hours a day. Now imagine, having to spend no time in front of the computer, and leaving all the work on someone else. You get to connect with your family and ofcourse do things that have been on your forever list!
This is why I started another segment to Vector Light Studio, Custom photo editing! This is where I offer all our fellow photographers Custom Post-Production, but what I am really helping our photographers do is provide time – to grow their business, and to spend time on things that they care about the most.
All editing is completed in your preferred style (as a photographer you know, everyone has a different artistic eye!) because variety is key! Check out the galleries for more before & after, contact today for a custom quote (as we know, no event is exactly the same!)